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Best Avengers 4 Fan Theories

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Avengers: Infinity War has taken the box office by storm, breaking records and solidifying itself as an absolute must-see movie this season. Already the fourth highest grossing film of all time, the beginning of the end of MCU as we know it, is a global success. And of course it is! With all of our favorites back on screen doing what they do best, there is a lot of magic in Marvel’s latest superhero venture, and it’s so much more than infinity stones, even though those are pretty rad too, so really what I’m trying to say is, if you haven’t seen it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

And also if you haven’t seen it, beware of some spoilers up ahead. Because, if you have made it to the movies to catch the film, then it’s time to discuss because, like me, you probably have so many thoughts and questions, but mostly, you’ve got theories about how it’ll all come full circle in next year’s follow-up, so let’s break down the most popular, most-talked about Avengers 4 fan theories, and some that are so wild, they juuuuust might be true.

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