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Cardi B CLARIFIES Offset Sliding Into Another Woman’s DMs!

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You can count on Cardi B, AKA wifey of the year, to come to the defense of her husband Offset when he allegedly slid into Tekashi69’s girlfriend’s DMs after being hacked on social media… ok, that was a mouthful and clearly we’ve got a lot to cover so buckle up guys.

What’s up my friends, it’s Sussan Mourad back here on Clevver News, and once again, Offset is in hot water for another alleged cheating scandal, this time with fellow rapper Tekashi69’s girlfriend Jade.

Jade put Offset on full blast Tuesday when she took to Instagram to share a video she took of herself logging into her own DMs, showing the Migos rapper’s message to her sent at 1:36 a.m. that read, “Miss u for real”.

Alongside the post, Jade posted a message to Offset and even quoted a line from Cardi B’s song… yeah, you guys, she went there.

Yeahhhh, this doesn’t look too good… But Cardi had a lot to say on this and came to the rescue.

After being fast asleep with a stomach bug, Cardi awoke to the news that clearly didn’t sit well with her.

She took to her own Instagram to post a few videos stating that she’s not here for the BS and that all the haters need to take a seat. Take a look:

I mean, hey, at least the two aren’t denying the fact that some dumb stuff (cardis words, not mine) has happened before, but major props to Cardi for pushing the rumors aside and continuing to focus on her family.

In the video she also revealed that the two have been doing so well together, they had a great weekend together and that she’s just not here for the negativity.


Cardi also mentioned in the video that Offset’s Twitter account was hacked, which miiiiight have something to do with the DM to Jade… maybe.

The Shade Room also reported the incident, sharing screenshots of now-deleted tweets, writing pretty not-safe-for-work things that I won’t mention.

So it makes sense that since this all went down at the same time, Offset is in the clear, right?

Well… not so fast. Many fans on social media were quick to point out the fact that the DM to Tekashi’s girlfriend happened on Instagram at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning, and the hacked tweets happened the same morning, but much later.

Jade also noted the coincidence on her Instagram stories that QUOTE, “the hack started after you got exposed. Why it didn’t start at 1 a.m.?”

Both of Cardi’s video responses revealed that she isn’t affected in the slightest, and when she panned the camera to Offset, who was holding their daughter Kulture, his famous words were, “Go ahead, y’all.”

Ok, so I’ve broken down all the drama for you to dissect, and now I wanna hear what you guys think about Offset allegedly sliding into Tekashi’s girlfriends DMs…

Do you think it all was a social media hack, or do you think there is more to it? ?

Get to talking down here in the comments, and then click right over here for another new video.

Before you go, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and click that bell for new updates, because admit it: that was some juicy stuff. Anyway, I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll see ya next time.

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  1. Its really bad to be a celebrity because you personal life is always all over social media anything you do or what happens I don’t understand men really you have a good women but you still cheat on her

    Have a lovely day you all ….

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