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Tana Mongeau Wants PRIVATE Time With David Dobrik!

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Well it looks like Tana Mongeau is trying her best to spend some much needed private time with David Dobrik, but that doesn’t mean what everyone else seems to think it means. What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Tana is feeling pretty good about the time that she’s getting to spend with her absolute fav, David Dobrik. People have noticed that the two of them have been spending more time together lately, especially since Tana’s very recent separation from Jake Paul.Tana and David got ahead of the rumors by both putting out individual statements denying that there is anything going on romantically between the two of them.Tana went on Twitter where she shared a screenshot of her and David Facetiming. A purely professional business facetime, of course.Along with the screenshot, Tana said “We’d like to be addressing these rumors in private. SMH”And people had mixed feelings about it, to be honest! Some people brought up their individual exes, like this person who said “no i will not accept anyone else except liza i dont care sorry…”Or this one who reminded Tana of her recent nuptials.Saying quote “Girl i-… time to renew your wedding license”. And someone else was kind of shady about the whole thing, saying “why doesn’t he follow u back on insta?”Good question…And if either of you, David or Tana, are watching this, why not follow US back while you’re at it!? Anyway, it looks like Tana wasn’t kidding – they really were spending some private time together. Just them, a few friends, and however many people follow both of them on social media.Because Tana later posted a video of her and David together in his car.And while she was on her way home, I was on my way to refresh youtube to see what content they were gearing up to put out together! Unfortunately, nothing yet.The last post on David’s Youtube was just him burying his friend alive 2 days ago. Meanwhile, we’ll be on the lookout to see what he was recording with Tana.And did you catch what it said on her shirt? In case you didn’t get to see in that video, AND in case you still didn’t believe that they weren’t actually dating, Tana wore a tank top that really says:But if you still didn’t believe her, she even told Seventeen Magazine “Imagine a world where David Dobrik would date me… we’re just friends”.Come on girl, give yourself some credit! And David had a pretty strong response to the rumors as well when another publication, Life and Style Magazine, tweeted about the relationship rumors circulating between these two.Well as it turns out, David had had enough. He responded with “are y’all on crack”I mean, this all started because of one simple tweet that Tana sent out a few days ago.She said “for the past two days i’ve been coincidentally napping when David texted me “what are you doing” so i just changed his text tone to an alarm tone because 2020 is not a year of fucking up my bag”I mean, she says right in the tweet that this is a business move she’s trying to make! But still, people just read the first half – about David texting Tana two days in a row – and ran with the idea that they’re actually dating.I’m sure whatever these texts were about are related to the video that we saw David making in his car with Tana before dropping her off.And whatever it is I bet it’s gonna be good!Because Tana isn’t the only person that was spotted hanging out with David recently. Photos surfaced online of David picking up Justin Bieber in his car. And there were plenty of cameras from David’s camera to record a whole vlog about it.They even posted this selfie together.And apparently the video has something to do with Justin’s new song “Yummy”. Because there was also this short video that was circulating around the internet of Justin surprising a group of fans with David. The two were supposedly driving around a college campus and surprising fans. One person leaked this conversation they had with one person there.It seems like dreams really do come true, fam!! Soo we can expect a video with Tana and a video with Justin sometime in the near future from David. It looks like his 2020 is already off to a really good start. But now I want to turn it over to you. Are you guys excited for these videos? Did you think for even a second that David was dating Tana? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.And then click that subscribe button to stay up to date on anything else David Dobrik related. If he’s having a busy year, then we’re going to be having a busy year too. We’ll make sure to keep you updated. I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch ya later.

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5 thoughts on “Tana Mongeau Wants PRIVATE Time With David Dobrik!

  1. Lol does anyone consider David’s very clear opinion on not wanting to be more than friends with tana Hahahahahahahah

  2. For those that don’t watch him – David has girls like madison beer, kelsey, Riley Reid and wolfie Cindy hitting on him. Tana who?

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